The Rain Will Fall


Tom nodded watching Loki, “yes I’m insisting that you do so, it’s safer.” He added looking out the window not that there was much to see. The car suddenly swerved, the driver apologized as he tired to steady the car. He had a sinking feeling as he looked over at Loki thinking perhaps it would have been better had they stayed at the restaurant. 

It happened so suddenly Tom didn’t have time to react. He didn’t even think either drivers knew they were going to collide until they did. A car trying to cross an intersection lost control slamming right into his side of the car. The last thing Tom remembered was grabbing Loki’s hand.

The fresh and somewhat sickening scent of blood greeted Loki’s nostrils as the headlights of the oncoming traffic blinded him. Even with his superior sense of sight, it was difficult to see through the storm and all of the vehicles attempting to reach safe locations. The driver, he realized, had been killed on impact, while warm fingers wrapped around his own. The collision had jostled him, and he slammed into his door. The density of his own frame had shattered the glass and allowed it to rain down upon him along with the outside harshness of the storm. 

Actual injury wasn’t evident on Loki. He’d taken much worse in the past, though his immediate worry turned to Tom. If the impact was enough to kill the driver, there was a possibility that Tom wouldn’t make it either… “Tom?” he called over the car horns and the sirens in the distance. Someone had already informed the police and medics, which meant they would be insisting on examining him as well…

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I’ve gotten a couple Loki requests so here he is!

Prints here!

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"Your son... Carl?" Loki paused for a moment, looking the man in the eye. "How old is he? I admit, I'm shocked to see a child. I haven't seen a living child in ages. He must be something special."

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Rick’s eyes found Loki and he could see the shock written there on the man’s features. Carl, just a kid, had survived longer than most people would in this darkness. Yet here they were. Here he was. “14.” He replied before a gaze was given to his boy. “Yeah, must be. Don’t rightly know how he does it but he’s the strongest person I know.”


He nodded at the suggestion Loki gave, smile still painted there on his lips. It was a good idea, a very good one to make it a group thing rather than something that would leave others feeling detached. And with Loki there it would prove to make him a further integral part of their group. “Sounds like a plan. I’ll get the cards. Wanna set everyone up?”


"Not a problem, shouldn’t be hard when no one has anything to do," Loki commented, smiling once more at Rick before venturing back into the heart of the camp where most of the group was gathered. "Rick and I talked about the possibility of a poker game to give us something fun to do. Want in?"


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Stall the Rebellion-Steve~Loki


He was hoping that he was getting to the point of agreement as he nodded his head to Loki’s words. He was making a good point and that made something like a bit of pride swell inside of him. He hadn’t been instructed to make Loki trust him, simply to apprehend him. Well, he was doing it the much easier way.

Loki’s next question was the easier of them and he nodded to him, as if it were something that should have been known. “We’ve got that part taken care of.’

His eyes moved behind him to check for any other presence as he took a step towards Loki, cautious at first before he relaxed the tensity rising inside of him. ‘We’ve got a jet up there somewhere, can’t really see it and once I give the order my partner’s going to fly it down here and get you boarded. You’ll be in good hands.”

It was something that should be trusted. That had to be trusted but, really, Steve wasn’t going to blame Loki if he wasn’t in for the long haul. Whoever decided on trusting Shield was asking for a lot of different problems in their life. Steve could guarantee that.

Protection often outweighed that however.


"Now, are you coming with me?’ He questioned, hope glimmering in the look in his eyes as he held Loki’s calmly. "Or did I make the trip out here for nothing?"

There would have been advice following the questions if Steve wasn’t on a mission and if he was sure that Loki was someone who could be trusted. But, these days, who could be?

Mulling over his decision, Loki sighed, watching the blue eyed soldier for a few moments. Part of him almost didn’t want to disappoint Captain America and why that was, he wasn’t sure. The idea of someone like Steve Rogers putting his life in danger for someone like him? Well, that was something he wouldn’t ever have expected and, truly, why would he? He was usually always the first one out on Asgard, and even if Steve was sent here by someone else who wanted to use Loki, he agreed to come never the less.

The immediate situation, unfortunately, outweighed whatever S.H.I.E.L.D. might actually want him for, however. If HYDRA captured him, he would, no doubt, lose himself in some form. They wanted him for his ability to survive, his intelligence, and his power. They did not, however, care about him as a person or as anything else. An entire organization, even for Loki, might be too much to take on alone. 

Especially without revealing who and what he truly was. No one needed to know that he was a Norse God. Every single god damned person on this planet needed to believe and continue to believe that he was just a mutant.


"You drive a hard bargain, Captain," Loki commented, nodding his head in agreement, finally. "For the time being, it would be within my best interest to go with you, though I can assure you that I will be holding you to your word. Should harm befall me, your organization will regret crossing me."

He paused for a moment, glancing up towards where the silent jet lie in wait. They truly had thought of everything, it seemed. Loki had been foolish to believe that Captain America had truly come alone. “Nothing happens to me or with me without my consent. That is my condition with going with you.”

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Got back online to do some work on drafts and whatnot only to open up my dash to something that has put me off to the point I don’t think I want to be on Tumblr for the rest of the night. So I’m going to go play some video games and try to relax. I’ll get my act together tomorrow and actually get things done, I promise, and feel free to invade my inbox.

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//Just something I was asking all of my friends, since Tom/Loki has amazing, wonderfully hips, can he twerk?

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Bwahaha, omg, I cackled.

Yes. Yes, Loki can twerk. He’s always been able to twerk, he just didn’t always know what it was called.

"Did you just twerk?"
"What’s that?"
"What you just did!"
"Oh… Then yes."

Remember this scene?

Why do you think they needed to put chains on Loki’s ass? It was to keep him from twerking away. That’s how powerful the force of his hips truly is. They needed chains to literally keep him from twerking.

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"My hips are machiavellian. They only lie when it’s useful"

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Okay so like an hour and a half ago, I got online to do some drafts and asks, and I found out that a project was due only at 9 o’clock, so I had to hurry up, finish it, and submit it. Now I’m trying to do drafts but I’ve developed something of a headache, so I think I’m going to lie down for a bit and see if I can get rid of it.

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If you aren’t listed here, but I owe you a thread, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

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Ice, Ice…


She took her husband by the hand lead his down the stairs.  As she did so she traced the marks around his fingers and placed his hand on her stomach as the walked.  To Eris there wasn’t a problem.  Stranger things have happened since being with Loki.  There wasn’t much of a surprise.  

Eris sat her husband down at the table and got his breakfast.  ”Just don’t worry, darling.   Maybe it has to do with the fact that you’ve been overly stressed.  I don’t see why it is such horrible thing to appear as your truly are even if it is for more than a couple hours. “

Loki didn’t bother fussing or fighting with Eris. She was calm and, perhaps, that was a sign that he should be as well, though she was often far more accepting of his Jotun form than he was accepting of it. How backwards, that he couldn’t be comfortable in something that someone who had every right to turn away from it was perfectly comfortable with. 

Sitting down as directed, Loki watched his wife for a moment. “I’m not worried, per say, well… not about this form, anyway.” No, he wasn’t his Jotun form’s biggest fan. What worried him was his inability to shift into anything else. He always had the ability to shift into whatever he’d like and now something was blocking that capability. That wasn’t normal and it was much more important than being in his Jotun form. “Perhaps you’re right. I don’t know. I just don’t like not being able to use power that I normally possess. I don’t know what would cause this.”

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"How can you stop caring overnight?"

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”I Know you love´re just hurt. But that doesnt mean you´re broken and he didnt gave up on you either.” Bruce added and shoke his head. ” You know we face new assassins and enemys every day we could use some help..”


"Are you asking me to help you with something that has to do with Thor?" Loki questioned. "Or are you asking me to join your band of super heroes? Because I find it hard to believe that any of you would enjoy working along side me."


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Messing With the Wrong People || Loki and Rick


The pain had numbed his senses at first, everywhere hurt and he wasn’t sure where to begin on putting the pressure on. It was the same leg that had just barely healed over. He could feel the uselessness of it course straight through the same areas and his teeth gritted to prevent further screaming.

But then another shot was fired and Rick’s attention was stolen by the flurry of commotion echoing around him. Everything was a mess now, nothing had gone as he had planned it out in his head. Nothing was going to go how he had planned it.

Truth was though he hadn’t exactly planned it anyway. Just as long as Carl got out alive.

But then a voice came to him and he was being lifted to his feet. First he put pressure on his shot leg and a struggled moan cut through him causing him to lift the weight off and drag it with him as he allowed Loki to pull him along. He was right, they had to take shelter or their chance of surviving this was going to get cut down.


But Loki. He was here. He had sent everyone out and was making sure that they survived. The people that Rick loved, his family. Loki had made sure of their protection and had even risked his own life in the process.

There were a million thanks that Rick could give but he knew that the only one that mattered was to keep moving so that the gratitude didn’t die away in another mass amount of bullets.

There weren’t many places to cover but he knew that it had to be close to the fences. He had to make it over them in order to get out of this place. Because then the men would have to climb over themselves or they would have to race around to find the entrance. In other words it would take them awhile.

Finding an awning of sorts he gestured Loki towards it, another building casting it in a bit of shadow. It would do good for now.

"Are you hurt?" he questioned, letting out slow breaths in an attempt to ease the pain.

He hadn’t exactly waited for an agreement from Rick before hauling him up and dragging him away from the possibility of another shot. Loki immediately—or as quickly as was possible with the injured man at his hip—moved behind a building where a much smaller ally led towards the fence. Hopefully they could take cover just long enough to get over the fence. It would take two men, even if one happened to be injured, a lot less time than the twenty or so that remained alive.

Surprisingly most of the citizens seemed to be wary of shooting them or they were terrible shots. Which, Loki couldn’t be certain, but there was no time to waste in that moment. The only thing that they could do was keep moving. Even with the gun in hand, he didn’t have enough bullets, nor time to take down every single person in pursuit of them, and while keeping one arm around Rick to steady him, it would make his aim far more difficult.

More shots could be heard as they disappeared from view, followed by the loud sound of boots slapping against pavement. They were coming, but Loki didn’t stop, and he refused to let Rick stop as well. He’d be damned if he was going to die there, though he’d already made his peace with the possibility.

At the very least, I’ll get to reunite with my daughter should I die this day,' he couldn't help but think. She was the Queen of the Underworld, after all, and she had dominion over his soul.


"I think I’m all right," Loki commented. Sure, he had blood on him, but it was Rick’s. He hadn’t been shot, at least not yet. "I’m more concerned about you. The others have already made it over the fence. I created enough of a distraction, apparently. Then again, I’ve always been good at that sort of thing," Loki added. Mischief was, after all, his speciality.

Loki took a couple of roundabout spaces between buildings to reach the awning that Rick had point out, merely to, hopefully, lose those on their tail. It sounded like the group had split up in search of them, though some could be heard protesting due to the type of shot Loki had proven himself to be. Apparently many of the citizens of Terminus weren’t used to actually doing the dirty work? They merely reaped in the benefits.

"Tell you what. We can probably make it over the fence from up there," Loki mused, pointing up to the top of the building. We can get up there from this awning. I’ll climb up then pull you up, all right? Do you think you can stand by yourself while I get up there?" Despite their current desperate situation, Loki was calm. Then again, he generally was in times of crisis. Loki was known for his calm visage, even his rage was like the eye of the storm. Panicking would do neither of them any good.

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001. what they smell like: a musk that is completely unique to Loki with subtle undertones of mint, magic, and dissatisfaction *dramatic for no reason*

002. how they sleep: on his side, generally with his arms wrapped around something that’s beside him, a blanket or a pillow of some sort. He tends to curl in on himself just a tad, the beginnings of a fetal position

003. what music they enjoy: classical Midgardian music and instrumental music, mostly, though he’ll sometimes like the most random things.

004. how much time they spend getting ready every morning: never more than a few minutes. If he can’t get something to set right/look right within a couple of minutes, he’ll cheat and magic it into place.

005. their favorite thing to collect: old text books, scrolls, and other forms of ancient literature

006. left or right-handed: ambidextrous

007. favourite sport: rather enjoys watching ice skating, enjoys running/jogging and material arts himself

008. favourite touristy thing to do when traveling: visit historical sights and take in all of the history and knowledge of that place. Of course he enjoys the mystery and new opportunities that different places present to him, he’s that guy

009. favourite kind of weather: not overly fond of either extreme (though he doesn’t feel cold very much so winter is better than summer), Loki’s a rather large fan of the fall, when the leaves are changing colors, the temperature isn’t hot, but it isn’t cold either, and one can simply spend most of their time doing outdoor activities in a cozy sweater

010. a weird/obscure fear they have: adding to why Loki prefers fall over spring is that he’s got a bit of a fear of thunder storms. This fear doesn’t spawn from Thor, he’s not entirely sure where his nervousness around thunder came from, but it puts him on edge every time. He never tells anyone about this, though it’s a tiny bit obvious when storms are around

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MUNDAY (You don`t have to answer if you don`t want to)


tagged by no one, I just wanna do the thing.

Name: Amber

Age: 20

Birthday: September 15th (would be nice if it got here so I could finally buy liquor and enjoy my trips to Vegas)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual 

Height: 5’6

Blogs: This one, violinsonthebattlefield (BBC Sherlock), rightfulgodhood (experimental Albert Wesker), isawlokiinfrance (personal blog)

Tagging: Nobody, I just wanted to do the thing cause I haven’t done Munday in a while.

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'Please, please Anthony you have to make a wish, otherwise I won't be able to help you! Open your eyes Anthony! Don't leave me behind….'

PROMPT 5: Alternate Universes: Arabian nights for Frostiron Month.


This was somewhat inspired by ending animation to Free! 

Thank you tonyloki and zelynxia for the support :*

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