This was Meant to Bring Me Happiness // Tony & Loki


Okay, the more he stood there, the more his hand hurt. How the fuck was he supposed to know that Loki’s face would have been like a brick wall. Hell, he’d broken brick walls with less force than that punch. Fuck. He just…he needed to avert his attention. He shouldn’t think about the fact that he was sure he’d shattered two or three fingers and his wrist at the very least. Though, he almost wondered if he’d broken something in his elbow. It hurt to move it. But he wasn’t about to let Loki know that he was hurt. If you let your enemy know you’re hurt, they can exploit it. And as long as he could tuck his hand into his pocket and pretend that there was nothing wrong, then everything was great.

It was easy to change his focus when he was staring at Loki. He could remember how much he hated the guy. He could remember the fact that this guy was the reason he’d lost Pepper. He could think about the fact that this asshole made him question the entirety of the universe’s existence. You couldn’t just defy science and expect him to be okay with it. You couldn’t just storm in and claim to be a god and expect Tony Stark to get down on his knees and worship you. No, that wasn’t how things worked. At all. And then to compromise his view of the universe itself? Make him think he was going insane? Yeah, he could focus on the anger from that. Could definitely focus on the anger from it.

“Damn right you deserved that. You deserved a hell of a lot worse but I’d rather your brother not hit me with that fucking hammer of his for trying to kill his brother.” Wait a minute… had he just heard that right? No way he had heard that right. There’s no way that Loki was agreeing with him on anything like that. No… Because that would mean he was sorry. And sorry wasn’t really something he’d ever expected Loki to be capable of feeling.

And he didn’t want to be wrong.

But then there was Loki looking up at him. Nothing in those eyes….Green eyes. Hadn’t they been blue the last time they met? He couldn’t forget those blue eyes full of malice that had stared into him while Loki had lifted him and thrown him out of his own window. And the ones looking at him now were definitely green….and empty. There was nothing there. It was like he was talking to a shell. That was weird…and he was almost sure his own eyes would mirror a similar sentiment if he ever decided to remove his sunglasses. He cleared his throat and gave a small nod. “She’s smart… but not brilliant. Clever at least. She can do better. Buuuuuuuut, she is a bit of an airhead. So maybe they’re perfect.”

He shrugged and dropped his gaze for a moment. Was he really going to make small talk with Loki? The same guy who’d helped destroy New York City? The guy who’d had a hand in pulling his own life apart? It was better than yelling and starting a scene. “So, you did go to prison at least. Redeemed yourself by helping your world. Guess I have to respect that. Guess I can’t just throw you back if you’re out. But if you’re here to cause trouble, then I won’t hesitate to kill you. I will call Fury and I will assemble the Avengers and I will make sure you die this time. Your brother is the only thing that saved you before. And I won’t even let him have a say in it this time.” Alright, Tony. You got your threat in. Is that what you wanted? His eyes dropped to his arm and he slowly pulled his hand out of his pocket, deep purple bruising spreading across the whole of it. He frowned at Loki, keeping his hand close to himself. “How do I know you’re actually going to help me?”

Loki had to keep himself from commenting on how Thor believed him dead. He had no way of knowing what Tony might think if he discovered such information. Besides, he was hoping to find Thor eventually, reveal he wasn’t dead. No one needed to know the details of that just yet. Especially not Tony Stark. Loki, after all, already found that he was counting blessings simply for the fact that they were having a half way decent conversation. The fact that he hadn’t been wrestled to the ground and taken into custody yet was just a bonus.

He’d only endured a punch to the jaw and, unfortunately for his company, that did more damage to Tony than it did to him. The sickening sound that came along with bones breaking could be heard the moment his fist had made impact.

How difficult was it for Tony to pretend that he was fine? To not show pain? The God couldn’t even bring himself to actually think on such a topic. Such a train of thought would surely lead him down a dark and dangerous road, a road he wasn’t prepared to revisit. It wasn’t worth it, truly, to allow himself to linger on hiding pain, hiding fear, anger, and hatred. When he was with Thanos, he had attempted not to show that fear. It failed miserably and it was enough to trigger a series of memories that he couldn’t dwell on. Not now. Not with anything set up to catch him once he fell.

So his attention went back to Tony. Shockingly he wasn’t nearly as hostile as Loki expected. Of course he got his death threat in, but that was only to be expected. Loki had attempted to take over the world, after all, and the reasoning hardly mattered, especially to anyone that didn’t understand. No one understood, at least it seemed that way to him. Even with his reasons and the circumstances, he deserved everything he got, deserved more even, possibly death. Hell, he’d nearly given himself death after his mind was separated from the Tesseract, and then nearly begged Odin again to end it later. Death had been on the table and he knew it. A death threat really wasn’t that bad, and it had even been accompanied by something that almost sounded like respect from Tony in regards to him getting some sort of redemption.

"They seem like a match made in heaven…" Loki commented, rolling his eyes a bit. Jane had certainly been an… adventure. Apparently Midgardians had a thing for hitting him across the face, since Jane had slapped him, but Jane hadn’t actually broken her hand. How had she gotten away with that? Interesting… "Although I would think she would enjoy having someone who could at least keep up with her intellect. Thor’s numb skull-ness seems like something she’d want to avoid."

For a moment, he thought back to the Dark Elves, and how the entirely of the Nine had nearly been whipped out and reverted back to its natural state. Was that worth mentioning? That Loki hadn’t just helped his own world but all of them? Would Tony even believe him? He had no idea. "I do not doubt your words, Anthony, and perhaps you will not believe me, but I came here for no trouble. Merely needed some time… away from Asgard. It’s a stressful environment." That was safe enough to say, right? Time away wasn’t inconspicuous was it? His eyes ventured back towards where Tony’s hand was as he considered his next words. Again, he considered telling Tony that Thor believed him dead, but he decided against it for a second time. "I caused more than enough damage, but I am capable of good as well. You saw a very limited amount into my life and being the last time I was here. I could fix your hand without your permission, you know, I am just attempting to be… courteous." His emerald eyes nearly shined, as if the change in eye color was attempting to prove his point.

"I never did get that drink…" he added after a moment, glancing upwards.

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Photo Negatives


"No I don’t." Tom said sipping his drink. "No thank you, I really enjoy having you around, plus who knows you better than you?" He asked smiling. "Is it good? What is the food like on Asgard?" He asked looking at Loki, watching him closely. 

"I suppose that’s true. You may even know me better than I know my own self," Loki agreed and he actually did mean it. Sometimes Loki was just so unsure of himself, who he was supposed to be, and what he was supposed to act like. That was kind of the point of being sent back to Midgard, to find himself, but Tom seemed to believe he had a pretty solid grip on reality. "Food on Asgard is quite similar to meals here. Asgard usually goes above and beyond. Banquets every night and all that. Of course we have some meats that are unheard of here, as well as vegetation, but it is one of the best parts of the realm. Unless, of course, you have to sit next to Thor when he eats."

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Stellare (Italian);

verb. (transitive; rare)

To scatter or adorn with stars.

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So, for my 15,000th post (holy cow, when did 15K happen?! Each page on my blog has 15 posts, so I now have 1,000 pages of content. H. O. W.?!), I decided that it was time I did a follow forever! I’ve been meaning to for a looooong time, so here it is (finally)!

These are the people I have followed for months, some dating back to when I first made Loki. The majority of these I do roleplay with, have roleplayed with, or would really love to roleplay with. Each is special to me in their own right and I believe they are a great group worth looking into.

Without further ado, here is DearLokiGodofMischief’s Follow Forever!


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You are very confident for someone who has not yet won—not that such a quality is a negative thing. I would simply advise… be careful of making promises that you may not be able to keep.

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That would just be “me”. M followed by an E. Meow is what a cat says.

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Are You All Right? || Loki&Shi


"Aye…it is…give me credit for trying my lord." Shi answered under her breath, only to sigh and shake her head. "It’s…its nothing…I will be fine." the blonde replied, tone drained of its confidence as well as its potency to convince. The guard’s night terrors were getting worse by the passing nights. "Is there anything I can do for you whilst Im on patrol? Anything you need that I may get for you?" Shi questioned, desperate to square away the subject into something new. The last thing she needed was for Loki to pay focus on her when he already held much on his plate.


"I do give everyone credit for trying," Loki assured her, although that wasn’t entirely true. In most cases he simply called them out for their foolishness. Why sugarcoat it? Shi, however, was his friend, and if anyone could get away with lying to him, it would be the ones who knew him best. "You are changing the subject, you know," he muttered, although he didn’t push for an answer. If she truly did not feel comfortable telling him, the worst thing he could do was push. "I have nothing that needs attending to, nothing I can pass on to someone else, anyway. Please just know that if you need someone to speak with, even though my free time is limited, I can certainly make the time for you."

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Lokicest Commission!! (X) (X

(Avengers!Loki x TDW!Loki)

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Yes, darling? Something I can assist you with?

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*pins you against a wall and kisses you* Pass this on to the first ten people on your dash.

ASKED BY sgt-james-b-barnes.



Being pinned against a wall and kissed by a perfect stranger wasn’t exactly what Loki had expected to happen that day. Why would he believe a human would be able to pin him down, after all? They were generally weak creatures. The kiss itself wasn’t terrible though, and when it finally broke, he found himself a bit breathless. He was still against the wall, held there by an arm that seemed inhuman, but was hidden by clothing. “And you are?” he questioned, a tiny hint of a smirk crossing his lips.

"I don’t know. Seems like the obvious response when a stranger kisses you." He released his grip on the other man finally, taking a step back warily and crossing his arms in front of him. He guessed the guy had a point - given his history and the power of his bionic arm he definitely could have hurt the stranger. But he hadn’t, which meant … what, exactly? Progress, maybe. That’s probably what Steve would say. "I guess so." He kept his distance, not certain he understood what the other man was getting at when he said a person could do worse. Was that a compliment? "Yeah, I suppose that’s true." He’d only now stopped to look at the other man - really look at him - and he could agree with that statement.

Once the man—James—had released him, Loki straightened and brushed himself off. There was a bit of dust from the wall across his shoulders, but nothing he concerned himself with in that moment. "Perhaps most would react poorly," he agreed, shrugging some. To burt out that he was not human would have been very foolish, but even without outright saying it, it was almost obvious. “Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you, James, more so than I can say about most of the individuals I meet,” he added, a faint smirk returning to his lips. "I’m Loki, by the way."

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*pins you against the wall and kisses you* ((Pass it on the the first ten on your dash))

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The warrior merely chuckled as the kiss ended, blue eyes gazing curiously at his unexpected ‘attacker’. “Darling, I know mine face is too handsome to resist but this is very forward, even for one such as yourself.”


"Hmmm…" Having Loki so close, at his own doing, was proving to be far more intoxicating than he had planned, words failing him as careful lips pressed to the skin just beneath Loki’s ear, allowing himself the pure decadence of tasting the other despite his previous taunts. He lingered for a moment too long, brushing gently against immaculate skin as he pulled back with a slow, languid movement. "Do you wish to stop?" He countered with a practised drawl, gazing steadily into green eyes as his other hand moved to mirror the one curled in Loki’s tunic, pulling the Trickster flush with his own form. "Only I am sure there are more challenges awaiting us on the inside of your bed chambers."

A soft, almost silent gasp fell from the God’s lips as Fandral’s pressed against his neck. Unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on how one wished to look at it—Loki’s neck was always one of the most arousing stretches of skin. The others were covered by clothing, but his neck… It was free, and out in the open. Suddenly being flush against the slightly taller warrior forced a faint-yet-noticeable flush to break out across his cheeks. “Do I wish to stop?” he repeated, closing his eyes for a moment in thought as his elongated fingers lifted to run through and grip Fandral’s hair. “No, I cannot say that I desire such action to cease.” Why would he?

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Thank you darling, is there something you wish to discuss or just the safety of your mother’s arms?

Shadow remained in his mother’s arms, being close. He was ready to cry, upset. “I-I need you, mother. I have no one else to turn to.” He admitted. 

Loki frowned at the sight of his son, near tears, and trying to hold them back in his arms. “What’s wrong? Has something happened?” he asked quietly.

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I’ve cleared out my asks for now and I’ve got everything I think I owe in my drafts. I’m working on things and whatnot, hopefully I’ll get them mostly knocked out tomorrow. My queue has run out, so there’s nothing in there yet.

I have drafts for:

If you are not listed here and I do, in fact, owe you, please send me a message and I will be sure to get to your threads as well! Don’t worry about politely reminding me, I really don’t mind at all <3

Goodnight everyone. I’m sorry I’m getting off earlier than usual, but my head is throbbing and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.

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