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Outofmagic: My muse is not cooperating with me right now. He’s very depressed and I’m not exactly in the best mindset. I know I have a few asks and drafts to get done and I promise I will reply to them soon. Right now I just can’t do anything else. I’m really sorry about this. I’m sorry. 

I’ll try to be on tomorrow and actually be active, I promise. Tonight I need to just… go to bed or something.

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Coming Back || Dean&Loki


Sure enough despite what had been going on with the both of them, a small smile etched into Dean’s features. Familiar fingers tangled into raven hair, eyes casting upon those of Loki.

"It’s been much too long since I’ve had such measurable company, and have heard the heartbeat that I love.." The words are soft spoken, almost hushed, but this is them. There’s a certain simplicity that lingers in the air, but also it’s evident how much Dean actually cares for Loki. The god had brought him back from Hell.

There’s evidence of that by the mark that rests on Dean’s left arm. Looking almost tribal but the mark has been there since Loki had brought him back. Lips moving to place a sweeping chaste caress on the side of Loki’s cheek, moving down to kiss and nip at his neck.

                  “I’d be much obliged if you did join me in bed.”

"If you still hold any amount of love for my heart beat, then it will be at your disposal tonight, dearest," Loki assured him, although he was also assuring himself that the love between them still existed. The pair had been through far too much to have that bond dissipate, but Loki wasn’t always the most secure person in these matters.

Losing Dean would be too painful. Too much.
That was why he was willing to hold onto the Hunter now, even after seeing what the blade could do to Dean.

A soft and almost careful moan fell from his lips. He tilted his head to the side some so Dean could have more of a stretch of clear neck to nip and kiss. “I’d love to join you, dearest. Lead the way, if you will?” he muttered quietly into his ear. 

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Poor Steve…Loki is a mischievous little shit ;)

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*pins you against a wall and kisses you* Pass this on to the first ten people on your dash.

ASKED BY sgt-james-b-barnes.



Being pinned against a wall and kissed by a perfect stranger wasn’t exactly what Loki had expected to happen that day. Why would he believe a human would be able to pin him down, after all? They were generally weak creatures. The kiss itself wasn’t terrible though, and when it finally broke, he found himself a bit breathless. He was still against the wall, held there by an arm that seemed inhuman, but was hidden by clothing. “And you are?” he questioned, a tiny hint of a smirk crossing his lips.

James was on red-alert now that he’d gotten the vibe that something about this guy was off. He wasn’t sure if he bought this guy’s story that he was just a ‘curious individual’, because there was just something about him. He crossed his arms over his chest, head tilted slightly to one side as he mulled it over. "Bullshit." He was calling this guy’s bluff, whether that was a smart thing to do or not.

A bit of a twisted grin crossed Loki’s features, nothing that was threatening or anything like, but he was suddenly much more interested. "Bullshit? Oh how vulgar," Loki commented, grin broadening just a bit. "Even if it happened to be bullshit—as you say—what would you do about it, exactly?" he questioned, eyebrows arching in amused curiosity. "You have your secrets, I have mine. There are things I am unwilling to tell strangers, just like you do not want to talk about that arm of yours."

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"I screwed up. I almost died, you almost lost me. How am I supposed to live with that? How am I supposed to l i v e with knowing I tortured people down there when I wasn’t hung up on that rack? Some nights I can’t even sleep anymore, the things I saw down there, I can’t forget. Even if I try my hardest, they aren’t going away. Do you have any idea what’s that like? Hurting the ones you love, seeing yourself torture the ones you love or even being forced to hurt them.  I had dreams that you were dead. That you would never see me again, Loki. I was scared, I would never see you again.”

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Conductor Of Death's Symphony

Go follow my baby boo, she’s the most excellent OC ever. 

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Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people’s asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate.

ASKED BY Anonymous.

outofmagic: Awww, this was such a sweet thing to come online to find. Thank you so much, ‘Nonnie, and I love the Anon Love campaign. I think it’s one of the nicest things to spread around Tumblr. 

Thank you <3

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The Traveling King


Relief filled Rose as the Wingly turned in the opposite direction. It was obviously Loki’s work. She could feel the presence of his power in the air. It was strong, not unlike the dragon’s. No wonder the Wingly turned around so quickly.

Patching the hole completely, the warrior rose and walked back down the dragon’s spine towards safety. She could practically feel the burden being lifted from her shoulders as she squeezed past the the winglies meant to be guarding the skeleton. There was an extremely small chance of them breaking the bones again in order to retrieve the magic. not only had she reinforced the skeleton, but it would take an extremely large amount of power to even dent the skeleton. Not unlike the Signet Spheres, which were devices meant to keep Endiness’ moon sealed in the sky, it would take power either equal to or greater than than kept within the dragon.

That still left the question of how the hole got there in the first place. Could the skeleton finally be decomposing after all this time?

Rose pondered this as she walked back to Loki. Despite the questions that plagued her mind, she wore a smile that said “It is done.” To say she was happy the task was done would be an understatement. “The hole is sealed. I have served my purpose here. Thank you Loki for aiding me with something that did not concern you.” As she glanced back at the skeleton, images of the baby dragon popped up in her head. “I’m sure the little green dragon we found will be happy to know he can return home to his brothers and sisters. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Once Rose returned to where he was sitting, keeping watch. “Is it?” Loki questioned, a soft smile gracing his lips. That was good news, at least, he had to assume so. Anything Rose felt she needed to do based on her duties must have been important. Considering that he could literally feel the power that had been emitting from the skeleton, he certainly could sympathize with why it was so important. Such power falling into the wrong hands was just… That was never something that anyone should allow to happen if they had the ability to stop it.

"Rose, you are my friend, I hardly see it as me helping you with something that did not concern me," he told her honestly. Loki wasn’t close to many but when he did grow close to someone, he generally did do many things that he wouldn’t normally. That was just how the God was. It took quite a bit for him to get so close to someone, so why not do whatever he could for them? "I do agree," he added with a pleasant smile upon his features.

It seemed foolish to claim friendship to someone who was, supposedly, important, and then refuse to help them because it “didn’t concern him”. 

"Just out of curiosity, if the bones hold so much energy, power that you do not wish to fall into another’s hands, why keep the skeleton at all? Will the power not dissipate with the destruction of the remains?" he questioned, standing straight so they could make their way from the mountainside. If their work was done, there was no sense in staying amongst the cliffside, but he certainly had no intentions of returning to Asgard. Not yet. The thought was something he couldn’t even stomach. 

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*pins you against the wall and kisses you* ((Pass it on the the first ten on your dash))

ASKED BY dearlokigodofmischiefask.



The warrior merely chuckled as the kiss ended, blue eyes gazing curiously at his unexpected ‘attacker’. “Darling, I know mine face is too handsome to resist but this is very forward, even for one such as yourself.”

"Good," was the reply, overconfidence exuded in Fandral’s purred tone despite the rising tempo of his heart rate, warmth seeping through his being from the mere thrilling nature of what was to come. Another kiss was delicately placed to the Trickster’s cheek, dragging his lips down and along his jawline. When again he managed to drag himself away from the intoxicating pull of the other, it was with a gentle flush to his cheeks, excitement evident in bright blue eyes and the unmistakable heat that was radiating off the warrior.


"While I do enjoy a spectator or two, it is not usually for such a contest as this," he said teasingly, blue eyes flicking to the side at their surroundings. "Perhaps you may wish to use some of that marvellous magic of yours to spur us away from prying eyes, hmm?"

The flush remained upon Loki’s cheeks, something he couldn’t easily will away, even if wanted to. Although, seeing the same flush mirror upon the warrior’s face was, indeed, a comfort. It even gave Loki the confidence to allow his trademark smirk to ease back across his lips. By the end of the night, they would surely be swollen from hungry kisses and greedy nips—not that those were things Loki would complain about. It was, after all, not entirely satisfying unless you were feeling it the next day.

"Are you afraid that those wandering eyes may see you bested by a certain attractive, raven-haired man, by any chance?" he whispered, his arms snaking around the blond before him. "I suppose I’ll oblige you.~" A whirl of magical energy encased them in that moment. Teleportation was simple, really. Their surroundings began to spin and blur into blackness. Moments later, the appearance of Loki’s sleeping chambers came into view—blurry at first, but stabilizing in a matter of moments. "More to your liking?"

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Photo Negatives


Tom looked at Loki, “he’s lucky he hasn’t choked on something.” He said softly. “My mum made sure we had good table manners, I’m sure she would have taken away our plates had we tried to speak with our mouths full.” He added before returning to his food.

"Would she have let you starve?" Loki asked with a soft chuckle. Conversation was a bit drawn out, with gaps between retorts due to the fact that they were, indeed, eating, but Loki didn’t seem to notice. He didn’t even mind, as a matter of fact, it was just comforting to have pleasant conversation with someone who didn’t seem to outright hate him or disapprove of him. "I wish my mother would have done that, although she certainly did try. Thor simply had a habit of ignoring her." Loki refused to mention Odin’s role in their childhood. He’d be damned if he allowed himself to think of that bastard. 

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Post Training


"Should write that book," Thor murmured with a laugh. "Not sure how much general wisdom it’d contain though." He grinned.

He nodded with a smile.

"I do," he said. "I never really- not as a child, and I…" he shrugged. "I like it."

His eyes brightened on seeing Loki pick the book up.

Nudging him playfully, Loki smirked in his direction. “Hey now, that novel would have so much wisdom, Midgardians would simply stop living from how much they were trying to take in,” he argued. A soft smile quickly replaced that smirk though. The pair were getting to know one another and it was nice… Nice to know another Jotun—not that Thor actually knew of his Jotun heritage at that moment in time—who was, basically, an outcast, nice to sit down and have conversation with someone who just wanted to be around him. “I do too,” he repeated, emerald eyes turning down to the book. He began at the beginning of a short story, not wanting to start in the middle of what he had been reading. It would save Thor quite a bit of confusion in the end. 

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outofmagic: All asks are done, all roleplays are replied to. I have four things in my queue at the moment. Those things are for:

My queue is currently set to publish four things a day, so these will all be published within the next twenty-four hours.

If I owe you a thread and you aren’t listed above, please let me know, I have quite a few, so it’s easy to lose them sometimes. Especially when activity bars are not working >.>

Anyway! If you’d like to roleplay with Loki or my other two muses (dearlokifatherofiron or violinsonthebattlefield), please don’t be shy, feel free to send me a message <3
And, of course, if you have any questions for Loki or the mun, my askbox is always open. 

Also, seriously considering adding a Puppet Master Loki verse to my blog because I think I need that in my life. Message me if you’re interested. :3

Goodnight everyone, thank you all for being as wonderful as you are <3 I’ll return tomorrow after work :3


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How interesting… And where is it, again, that you hail from? Surely such a realm must be odd and fairy-tale-like.

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Is there any particular reason that you are blushing? You act as if this is not a normal procedure. 

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