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 "Kind." Far too kind. Far kinder than Loki believed he deserved and, in his opinion, and he was far more thankful for it than he ever truly let show.

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 ♔ ”Is there any other way to describe you other than ‘regal’, my dear?”


 ♔ The only Prancing: yes.
Games: yes and no, depending on the game.
Wrestling: not so much.
Sports is what I’m taking “physical activities to mean”: sure, depending on the sport. I’m not terribly familiar with martial arts or… dodgeball though.

Anything else you’d like to know?

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 ♔ How best to describe his wife? So many words came to mind but he could only choose one. One to sum up everything that he believed about Eris. One to express how wonderful she was in just one. Things like intelligent and beautiful only scratched the surface while others, such as brilliant, radiant, loving, and determined didn’t go much further. These were all traits she possessed, yes, but they wouldn’t suffice for a complete description.

"Astonishing." In every single way.

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 ♔ The problem with listening to Thor’s stories is that they are, more often than not, greatly exaggerated and rather misleading. He does have a tendency of glorifying himself at the expense of making others look foolish.

If you would like to hear better stories, I can certainly give you better stories. I am known for it, after all.


 ♔ Do I like to play what, exactly? There are a great many activities I enjoy that could fall under the category of “playing”. You’ll have to be a bit more specific than that.

//Better one than the one I sent hehe

[text: the Coffee Boy] What in the Nine Realms are you sending me? Did you mistake me for someone else?


I’m sorry I didn’t actually get anything done today. I don’t know what happened, the day sort of just… slipped away from me. I started a new class and was trying to get some things squared away and I just… lost track of the day.

So sorry! Hopefully I will be better tomorrow, lovelies. Thank you for constantly dealing with my bullshit.

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I’ll attempt to be better about posting and catching up on things tomorrow! Goodnight everyone <3


  Perhaps… If you stop conversing with and believing Thor’s stories. I would be more inclined to reach an agreement.~

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  Loki had stayed with Rose for as long as he could allow himself. Unfortunately, after spending so much time with her, he needed to return to Asgard to attend to his duties. Dreading his return, he hadn’t been paying much mind as he packed up his belongings and some newly acquired possessions. He even remembered the dragon scales that Rose had given him, but he left his fur cloak resting over the back of a chair. It never crossed his mind to take it.

Title: Bring Me to Life
Artist: Evanescence
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bring me to life // evanescence

all this time i can’t believe i couldn’t see
kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
i’ve been sleeping a thousand years, it seems
got to open my eyes to everything

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 ♔ People should take my advice seriously when we give it. However I am not nearly so serious most of the time. I don’t take life seriously enough to be a therapist.


 ♔ Well… I would be hard pressed to disagree with you.


Happy Father's Day Rick Grimes
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