You’ve never played Skyrim. They either tease you or grovel at the time, but they all sound like that!”


"Look, Ice, baby, that’s life. If we ever end up in outer space, I’ll learn to curse like a Norwegian sailor—but you’re in my court, and here, we curse like the earthlings do! So drop the Homeric bullshit and try damning someone with one god, not nine—or if that’s too blasphemous for you and you don’t wanna piss off Daddy, tell people to go to hell. You’ve got one of those, right?

"I’d tell you to tell them to fuck off, but really? The way you look, they might just take you up on the offer."

"They all sound like me, huh? Sounds like I might be in with the wrong crowd."

Truthfully, Loki didn’t much mind Kenz’s teasing. She was a little sister he never asked for, but he certainly needed, and most of the time, her teasing made him laugh. No harm, no foul. “It’s not blasphemous for me. I don’t worship others of my region and let’s face it, I’ve already pissed off Odin enough for a lifetime. Now it’s just double or nothing anymore.” He cracked a grin. “Wouldn’t want to put that invitation out there. I’d have to call you for bail money for a change.”

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                     knowing more ‘bout your partner tag game ! !
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  • name;; Amber
  • age;; 21
  • how old were you when you first started playing?;; 13
  • height;; 5’6” 
  • OCs or canons?;; I have both, but my OCs are not Tumblr based, they are reserved for personal, private use.
  • females or males?;; Males, mostly, but occasionally I will write for a female.
  • least favorite face claim;; Am I supposed to have a least favorite face claim? I mean… I don’t have an issue with face claims at all, I just hate seeing face claims that are so over used. For example, my Lady Loki FC is Katie McGarth and she has been my FC for years, but she’s become so popular, I’ve actually given some thought to changing Lady Loki’s FC.
  • worst rp experience ever;; I once had a threesome roleplay between my muse and two other muses. My muse became pregnant and the muse who impregnated my muse told the third person in the RP that he only wanted to be with her and didn’t care about my muse at all. The mun of that character also plagiarized mine later on, so, needless to say, that was a pretty shitty experience. 
  • fluff, angst, or smut?;; I love all three, though smutting is rare and I, usually, will only smut with people I know personally. 
  • worst character you’ve ever played;; I don’t know if I have a “worst character” I’ve ever played, to be honest. I only write characters that I care about and that interest me.
  • favorite type of plot;; Multiple layered plots. I don’t care if it’s romantic, friendship, enemies, or what have you, but if it has dimension to it, I’ll probably love it. Anything adventurous, angsty, horrifying, and even loving with a “my soul is happy” type vibe will make me a happy camper. 
  • at what time of day is your writing the best?;; Usually after six or seven PM and up until I go to sleep (which is usually around four to six AM)
  • are you anything like your muse?;; Loki and I are similar in many ways. There are, however, many differences as well. I am me and Loki is Loki, I just happen to have a deep love and understanding of my muse.
  • worst thing about RP;; Losing an RP partner for any given reason and/or feeling like you aren’t good enough/are annoying the people you enjoy RPing with.
  • best thing about RP;; The friendships made with the muns and the relationships (not necessarily romantic) that are made between the muses. When my muse is happy, I have a tendency to be happy as well.

tag five or more awesome people to fulfill this application ! !
harbingerofumbrella honouredsteel blindistheambitious evilxhasxaxname notthegoodgrimes padshiy and whoever wants to do this!

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I like to call this segment “reasons to stop trusting Ren”.

outofmagic: What do you mean reasons not to trust you?! These are awesome! Now I am trying to decide WHICH ONE I WANT TO USE AS A BANNER!!! YOU’RE AWESOME, GODS!


Was hoping to get through all of my drafts. Unfortunately, my eyes are watering and I’m having a hard time staying awake, so I think I need to head to bed. I did get a pretty good dent of my drafts finished, however, so hopefully I’ll finish them up tomorrow.

Fanmail: 2
Drafts: 14

Some of these have already been replied to and are waiting for publication. Some of these haven’t been finished yet. Again, I’m hoping to knock the rest out tomorrow. So sorry to keep everyone waiting!

If you are not on the list above, but I do owe you a reply to a thread, please shoot me an ask and I’ll be sure to get to it. And, of course, my inbox is always open for chats, IC asks, plotting, and so on. 

Will do more memes soon.

Goodnight everyone! Sleep well. I will be back sometime tomorrow! <3

Stall the Rebellion-Steve~Loki


The tension in the room was thicker than Steve initially understood. Fury wasn’t looking at Loki like a potential ally, and he wasn’t looking at him like an enemy either. It seemed almost like he was curious- too curious. Steve wondered what sort of experiments SHIELD had their hand in and almost immediately he felt himself fall under guard. He had made a promise and, really, he wasn’t ready to break it.

A brief smirk tugged at the corners or Fury’s lips as he kept his eyes entirely focused on Loki. Steve and Tony could easily become background shadows at the moment.

"Cutting to the chase. I like it." There was a pause. Easy and calm. Outwardly he wasn’t stressing it but who knew what he looked like internally. "I feel like the two of us, SHIELD and yourself, could do great things together." It almost seemed like Fury was talking from a higher power.

Steve, catching it, leaned on the table and held Fury’s eye. “If you mean experimentation I’m taking him back.”


He heard Fury sigh along with Tony and Steve looked in the direction of the both of them. However for a moment he didn’t speak, no one did until Fury looked back at Loki with curious eyes.

"Would you be so against it? If it meant helping others?"

Steve’s eyes closed before he finally let them open on Loki. What would he react to the idea that he would be a lab rat. Steve had actually expected more.

♔ Of course, Steve was going to play the hero no matter what. That was just his role. For this, Loki was actually thankful. The last thing he needed in his current situation was Steve turning on him and leaving him to the wolves.

The spotlight, however, suddenly turned to Loki and his morals. Would he sacrifice the safety of his own body in order to help the greater good? At the very least, that was what Fury wanted him to answer. What Fury was really asking was something entirely different. He didn’t want Loki to help the greater good, he wanted Loki because he was dangerous and, by studying him, they might be able to create new weapons while also rendering other mutants powerless.

"Against experimentation upon myself?" Loki repeated, eyeing Fury with wary, suspecting eyes. "Let me ask you something. If you were brought to an organization that, as far as you know, is not human-friendly, and they sat you down with the head of their organization, what would your reaction be? If he questioned you about becoming a lab rat for the means of ‘helping others’ even though you know damned well that this organization is not friendly towards humans, what would you do? Would you really believe them? Would you be inclined to say yes?" he asked, his eyes following Fury’s.

The head spy hadn’t cracked yet and Loki didn’t expect him to, but at the very least, he would have to see Loki’s logic. There was no reason to trust the person before him and, truthfully, he hadn’t been given enough details to actually feel safe.

"I’m not going to agree to anything without specific descriptions of what you want from me. All of this vagueness is not comforting. I won’t agree to something just to turn around and regret it later."

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Azure eyes darted up to meet that of his twin’s gaze. He felt a rosy tint fill his cheeks. “I’m not afraid of you…I’m just shy around elder twins..” He said softly and looked up at him once more. Mischief heard the purr in the other’s voice and he let a small smile play upon his lips.  ”I’m Mischief, what’s your name ?” He asked the elder twin before him.

 ♔ Loki cocked a brow at him. “Elder twins? And how old are you, my dear?” he asked, wondering if he should, indeed, feel guilty about startling the younger god or not. Regardless, a soft smile tugged at the elder’s lips (he merely assumed that Mischief was, in fact, telling the truth about being younger). “I’ve never truly gone by anything other than Loki,” he answered, tilting his head a bit. Then again, I rarely meet others of myself.”

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"Happy Birthday, Rogers, at least I've been told it's your birthday."



"it is my birthday, Loki. Gonna let everything run smoothly- least for today?"


Now that seemed more of an accurate version of what today might have been like but here Loki was, actually having a conversation that didn’t involve threats. “That seems like something you would have done. I might have thrown you out. But, somehow, I’m glad it wasn’t that way at all.”


A light, friendly smile crossed the God’s features. It had been quite a long time since he had smiled in such a genuine manner. “That was my full intention. I suppose, if I had actually dressed up like you, full head to toe spandex, like I wanted to, we probably wouldn’t have gotten a chance to have such a pleasant conversation.”

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Send in (♯`∧´) for my muses reaction to seeing yours getting kissed by another and actually kiss back.

Loki wasn’t sure why the sudden spike of jealousy lurched up within the pit of his stomach. He’d felt it before, yes, with others who he had fancied, but when had he started to fancy Set? Of all people, Set? Was he interested and fascinated by the ancient God? He couldn’t deny that he was, though admitting it out loud would be a difficult feat.

But when had other feelings cropped in? They hadn’t? Surely, they hadn’t.

Yet there he was, a rather young God in comparison to the man he gazed at, staring at the display of affection with envy. Perhaps he had grown lonely? It had been quite a long time since he’d spent a romantic night with anyone… No. This particular sting proved to be a bit more than mere loneliness.

"Shame. I thought you’d have better taste," Loki commented, loud enough that both parties could hear him and the disgust that filled his voice. "Wouldn’t have expected you to settle for a used harlot."


⊰ ☥ ⊱—-

Set nodded at the other to answer his first question. He didn’t know what else to do but answer his questions. He can sense Loki still unease from the whole ordeal and that made Set a little upset. Tho he can’t rush the trickster of his feelings but he did want to get passed this quickly, Set regret more of using Nemphys more by the minute. Maybe if he just settled or asked Loki of any better ways than he wouldn’t feel so upset over it or so pathetic for feeling so weak and desperate. “Its not healthy, not really but it works to some degree. The mark doesn’t help much so no…all of it really seems redundant..now that I think about it…” He knew there was going to a lot of question coming and he will do his best to answer them however the last one caught him completely off guard. He was sorta surprised by him asking it. “Well not really but her being my wife does help more than a stranger…I can take some from someone else, it quite easy. Physical contact, blood contact, there’s many different ways of me removing it from someone…it helps majorly if its positive energy as well…” He looked at the other for awhile before speaking his mind. “…Are you trying ot suggest something?”

Loki couldn’t bring himself to say much else. The information sank in slowly. Set could draw energy from anyone, even strangers, meaning that he could draw energy from him as well. And, of course, that would leave the other trickster to question his intensions behind the inquiry. Was it so hard to figure out what Loki was implying? What his intentions were? And that he not only wanted to replaced Nemphys—making her obsolete as a power source and a wife—but to aid Set in his time of need? Who knew? Maybe he could benefit from it as well. “For an elder God, you’re not always the brightest, Set…” he whispered, finally dropping his defensive stance in favor of something far more bold. He took a few steps to close the distance between them and cupped the other’s cheeks within his hands, pulling him up into a kiss that radiated passion. A silent way to reinforce Loki’s meaning: He could help and he could do it better than that horrible woman. Best of all? He wanted to do it.

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The Traveling King


"I’m sure one must be severely masochistic to desire more suffering than all others." A pause. "Or they desire pity and attention brought on by pity." Rose often told others of her plights, so they’d be informed of the horrors that happened behind the scenes. Eleven thousand years went by where each and every boy and girl was taught that the destroyer of their world was a beacon of hope, which was obviously very backwards. It was her goal to educate the world and teach the truth.

When her friend Albert, the king of Serdio and husband to the queen of Tiberoa, was still alive, he spent his time rewriting the books of those two countries, issuing the correct information to the libraries of the two countries. Her friend Miranda, a Sacred Sister of the land they were currently in, had been doing the same with the books in the library that the pair was in not too long ago.

Rose’s head rose when Loki addressed her, a smile forming on her ghostly lips when he spoke about her love for nature. It was true, the creatures and plants that one could find here in Endiness fascinated her to no end, and she wished that she could remember some of the species that were wiped out in the Dragon Campaign. “It has been a while for me as well. I am ever so grateful for your company, Loki. It is nice to share my treasures with someone else.”

♔ Loki, for a moment, said nothing. What his friend had said was true. Anyone who wished to suffer the most either hated themselves and believed they deserved such wrongdoing against themselves, or they sought out validation in the form of others’ presenting them with pity. That last part forced a small frown across Loki’s lips. The notion of pity, in some ways, occurred to him. He’s often guilt tripped his opponents, but it wasn’t exactly the same. Loki had many incidents in his past that he could talk about in order to gain sympathy, and merely didn’t.

"I suppose one could say that. Odd, how some can fuel themselves on such negative energy." Loki, however, was guilty of that as well. Sometimes negative energy was all he could find to fuel him from day to day. Only recently had the effects really started to take a toll on him. Realization that he had grown so unhealthy hit him like a wave, always followed by another, and then another, and then another. 

His former gloomy expression dissipated some and a smile stretched across his lips. “I’m glad you think me worthy enough to share such treasure with.” When was the last time someone had trusted him enough to get so close to him? He could hardly remember, but the feeling was wonderful. Positive, even. “What else do you enjoy about your world? If you don’t mind satisfying my curious nature just a tad bit more.”

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“‘By the love of the Nine’, Jesus! You sound like such a videogame character! It almost be cute if you were more of a dweeb—or at least looked like more of a dweeb!”


If you try to get me in a pokemon battle with you, this friendship is over. Seriously, dude. I really should teach you to swear like a big kid, so when you get that cushy office job you don’t look like a total newb.”

♔ "I sound like a video game character? Clearly I should be playing more video games then. At least those characters wouldn’t constantly tease me."

"Kenz, if I swore like you, or anyone else on this planet, for that matter, I wouldn’t sound like a ‘big kid’ where I’m from. To me, you’re the one that sounds odd. Unfortunately for me, we are on Midgard, so…"

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Loki sketch_2 by SceithAilm

Loki, looking a bit more… authentic to Mythcanon. And delicious, too.

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"Just learn to be careful.  I don’t know how much exactly they have done to me." James was speaking the truth on that matter. He had no idea what HYDRA had done to him when he had been their captive. He only knew about the memory issues due to the fact that he had been broken in that way. And he was always thinking more than he should have been as of late.

♔ For a moment, Loki eyed the other man in silence. HYDRA was capable of a great many things, but Loki did not fear them, not in the slightest. “Please spare me the lecture. I’ve lived long enough to know that I need to be careful,” Loki said, though his tone was soft and not nearly as abrasive as one would expect from him. “So are you taking me up on my offer? Or is this where we part ways? Permanently?”

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I discovered it a few weeks ago. My eye was killing me and I thought—fuck, I don’t know what I thought. That is was an eyelash or some shit like that. Something fucking normal, that normal fucking people deal with all the time. But then I saw it and—.

Hell. I don’t know. What the fuck was I supposed to do, exactly? Notify Jack? That asshole’s been out of my life for the past eight years, and good fucking riddance, too. Who the fuck do I have left in the world that’s gonna give a shit if I bite it or not? Fucking no one. Let’s be real here, I’m not exactly Miss Congeniality or whatever.

But…I don’t know. I don’t know! I just…you kinda care. Almost. I hope. And I just thought you…might wanna hear it…from me, y’know.

I’m over at Saint Andy’s, if you wanna…
This is fucking stupid.
I’m sorry.

c l i c k

"Well, hey. Look who came after all." How a smile could be so insufferably smug on such pale lips, such weak lips, should have been a feat beyond imagining—but it wasn’t. Because they weren’t just any lips; they were the proud lips of one Mackenzie “Kenz” Swift, age twenty-two, professional vagrant and perhaps the smuggest person on the face of the planet, next to certain unnamed politicians, popes, and—of course—the odd Norse god or two. She tried to laugh; it came out as a weak cough instead. Her head fell back against the pillow as she gave up on trying to hide just how serious this really was. “I’d’ve tried praying or something, but just on the off-chance that Satan isn’t a friend of yours, I figured I was better off—y’know—not.”

'Cause I'm going to Hell. It was left unsaid, but it didn’t need the saying. Not in Kenz’s opinion, anyway. She was a thief, and a liar, and she had never done anyone a good turn; where the fuck else was left for her to go?

God. I just don’t do mushy. She was shit at romantic shit, and she was shit at tearful shit, and she was shit at saying hello and especially at saying good-bye. She nuzzled her head a little further into the pillow, swallowing the thought back, but her smile was gone. She was done with crying, but her eyes kept leaking anyway—hot blood, not salted tears. And he was staring, poor asshole.

"It’s the latest fashion trend: Literally bleeding out your eyes. All the rage in death metal bands across the globe," she joked weakly, summoning up a half-smile for him. He was the only friend she had left in the world, and she hated herself for that phone call—that moment of weakness—now. She’d wanted someone at the beginning of that, but now? Now that he was here? She wished she had spared him.

If she had been a little less fucking proud then, she might have asked him to help heal her when she first noticed the return of the decay. If she was a little less fucking ready now, she might ask him the same. But his powers, she knew, were still sorta…tied up. Kind of. And bringing someone back from the brink of death might use him up.

"You put one fucking finger on me," she warned, letting her eyes slip shut, "and I’ll pull your liver out through your mouth." She needed him to…—not. Not save her. Not worry about her. Not…be here.
She wanted him happy, or adjusting, or whatever the fuck he was supposed to be doing when she wasn’t busy turning up on his doorstep with beer and a bad movie. She didn’t need to be saved. She needed him to stick around to save some other punk-ass street thug with a piss-poor attitude and a broken heart shattering daily in their chest.

"Gotta make me a promise," she mumbled finally. "Don’t…do the hero-thing. Don’t try to save my ass again, or whatever. Save…someone else…need you more…’n I do…." It was too much effort. So she gathered the last of it, what remained of her strength, her sight, her will to live, and she used it to force open her eyes and make her voice sound like her again.

"See you on the other side, Loki."

It was the first and the last time she had used his proper name since learning his identity.

♔ Loki hadn’t been around to answer the call when his phone buzzed. Carrying a cellular phone was still a bit odd to him, so he often forgot it in his apartment or, occasionally, it would be turned on silent and he would never hear it.

Such an incident happened while he was in Starbucks. As hipster as it sounded, Loki had taken a liking to the coffee they served and the atmosphere of sitting in the little shop to read, do work on his computer (which was rare in an of itself, he often times forgot he had a computer), or merely people watching. His phone had been left, forgotten, in his pocket as he sat with his coffee, watching those who passed by the front window.

What had prompted him to take his phone out actually was Kenz. He couldn’t help but think of all of the stories she might come up with to explain those who wandered in and out of the coffee shop and down the streets of the city. It’d become something of a past time for them, people watching. When they weren’t busy eating junk food and watching horrible movies, that was. It was then that he noticed he had a voice mail from Kenz. 

"Damn this thing, how do you keep falling on silent?" he muttered to himself, no doubt revealing his age. It wasn’t that his phone was too advanced, it was that it was too primitive by Asgard’s standards, and that was just as difficult to manage.

Listening to the voice mail, he felt all of the color drain from his cheeks. A few individuals actually shot him concerned glances as his fair complexion melted into printer paper white. Some might have even claimed he started to turn a faint shade of gray. No one got a chance to ask him if he was all right, or if he needed an ambulance though, because he’d stood from his seat and headed out the door before the voice mail had even come to a conclusion.

He considered taking the bus to Saint Andy’s, but he would have better time on foot—anyone would has dealt with traffic can attest to that—but even his feet didn’t carry him as quickly as he would have liked. Running into his fair share of individuals, Loki didn’t even bother to utter apologies. The only thoughts racing through his mind were how to get to Kenz, how to heal her, and how to protect the one person he had, somehow, managed to get close to. She had become his only friend and despite he constant teasing (which Loki never minded much), she cared about him and he cared about her. In a way, she was like his little sister and the idea of her dying—

For a being such as Loki, it became so easy to forget how fragile life can be. Now he was being smacked in the face with realization and he was already promising himself never to make that mistake again. How could he have been so blind?

Once he arrived at Saint Andy’s, the nurse at the help desk directed him to Kenz’s room. So maybe he’s lied and said he actually was her brother so he would be permitted to see her…

The state he found his dear friend in left him nauseous. “Kenz…” he muttered, crossing over to her bedside. He took a seat in a nearby chair, sitting as close as he could without actually sitting on top of her mattress. Her words were like echoes inside of his skull and he had a difficult time making sense of a lot of it. He’d already begun reaching for her hand in order to heal her, but that was the exact moment she warmed him not to touch her. She was already making peace with dying, apparently, and that left him in a state of speechlessness. Emerald eyes glossed over with tears. Kenz had never seen him cry and as far as he had been concerned up until this point, she would never have a reason to see him cry.

"Kenz, for once in your life, please don’t be so stubborn… Don’t tell me to sit off to the side and let death take you away just because you don’t want to accept my help or you don’t want this to hurt me. You’re…” His speech didn’t falter, but tears streaked his cheeks slowly. “You’re too important. Maybe I don’t tell you that enough. Maybe I’ve never told you and I should have.

Please, just let me help…”


dearlokigodofmischiefask said: "I did NOT go through that phase…" Loki is so offended XD And he’s also laughing like an asshole at the same time

"What’s it Shakespeare says? ‘Methinks the godling doth protest too much’?"


 ♔ "Kenz, by the love of the Nine, we’ve been over this. I don’t even look like that guy." How convenient that he didn’t discuss the fact that he was a shape shifter.

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Body Swapping


Shenanigans! Send me '♦♦♦' and I'll randomly generate a number between 1 and 23 to see what our muses are up to!
Send at your own risk.
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8. Our muses wind up switching bodies for a day.


⊰ ☥ ⊱—-

"Loki love..please tell me that spell you tried didn’t only just unsuccessfully remove that mark from my body but switched out bodies as well.." Set was well aware of trying out spells that weren’t  100% guarantee of succeeding their purpose but he was willing to try anyway. He’s at the point he will do anything to get this blasted mark removed from him. Even the back-lashes of the spells weren’t too severe to deal with-small little mistakes that were easy enough to be removed but no matter how much they tried the mark was still there, draining him more and more each day rending him weak like humans and if it wasn’t for Loki assisting him with small spells of energy than Set would be more than just powerless which is something Set rather die than be.

However this experiment of spells seemed to have more consequences than the others had, switches bodies with Loki was not only was uncomfortable and odd but could be permanent and affect their magic abilities especially Loki’s. Set wasn’t so sure that Loki could even do magic anymore now they he was in his body-hence the mark still on him. But there was a slight chance it only effected him using his secret name to attach its self to and not his body. Set sighed heavily and wondered his eyes at the other. He was trying very hard not to be angry at the other, it wasn’t his fault after he was just doing what Set asked of him but it started to leak through anyways. It was very odd for him to see himself through someone else’s eyes.”..Is this permanent?”

This hadn’t been Loki’s first attempt to remove Set’s mark. The ancient text the elder trickster had supplied him with had been extremely informative and gave them a number of options. The only problem was the predicament that the pair found themselves in. Loki was capable of removing the mark under normal circumstances, this he was sure of, but with the current bind placed upon him, accessing enough energy to remove it was proving a challenge. Obviously Set couldn’t remove it himself, otherwise he wouldn’t need to call on others for help.

Much to Set’s displeasure, Loki didn’t have much of a choice but to draw his own blood to preform any amount of magic, so he would refrain until he believed he found something exceptionally promising. The problem remained clear, however. He had to bleed himself dry to accomplish anything substantial. Most of the spells he came across were just that, so he had to be exceptionally careful. Sometimes their attempts had side effects, but never ones as obvious as what they were both experiencing. Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes wasn’t foreign to him, being a natural born shape shifter, but the feeling of being in someone else’s skin was always a shock. 

Frowning, Loki looked across at the other. Set’s face reflected his normal features, but looking at himself wasn’t odd either. Clones were one of his favorite tricks. “It shouldn’t be,” he answered, looking down at Set’s hands, analyzing his new frame. “Nothing’s permanent, Set,” he added after a moment, trying to ignore the light amount of anger that seemed to boil from the other. It had, in fact, been an accident, but he’d like to avoid arguing if possible. That certainly wouldn’t help. “I don’t understand how this happened though. That spell had absolutely nothing to do with body swapping or shape shifting.” Frowning, he crossed over to the desk, pulling the text into his hands. He moved as naturally in Set’s body as he would in his own, a skill he had picked up centuries ago. It was necessary for shape shifting flawlessly.