Messing With the Wrong People || Loki and Rick


The reason for Loki’s agreement was understandable and yet it still left Rick feeling surprised. He knew, he could tell, that Loki had been or was a father. He could have been able to tell simply by the way that he had looked at Carl earlier when they had first met him.

If there was anything that Rick was most grateful for it was this promise that Rick had gotten out of him. Really he wasn’t sure just what to say to him, or even how to say it. Thankfully Loki pushed him along and Rick was uncertain if he could have pushed anything else out rather than the simple use of thanks and promises that he intended to keep himself.

Doing as Loki said was easy and with his leg hurt it was easy to fall under the lead of someone else. His mind was a mess with leading at the moment, the scattered thoughts of someone whose losses have stacked up and death seemed to be creeping up on every corner that he turns. He’s grateful to Loki for that as well and he wonders if he will ever be able to repay that.

Once they make up onto the final building, the fence there in front of them Rick tosses a look behind him, relieved that they had yet to pick up on their trail before he finally brings his eyes on over to Loki again.


"Got so little faith in me?" He questioned, a bit of arrogant amusement there on his features. Anything to take away from the gnawing pain there in his leg. With Loki’s help he moved on over towards the fence and swung one leg over, grimacing the entire time as blood seeped from the open wound. He’d get that fixed again once they were out of trouble. The hard part was over and so he scaled down, thick breath passing from his lips until he finally reached the ground with a low breath, legs nearly giving out before his eyes lifted to Loki’s.

"Need any help yourself?"

A tiny smirk tugged at Loki’s lips, pulling them in an upward direction. Despite all of the trauma they had been through that day and, truly, not even really knowing one another, they were able to break some of the tension in the air with light humor. That was Loki’s biggest tip-off that he knew he would continue to like Rick even after this whole ordeal was over.

Anyone that could make him smile, anyone that could make him laugh even with the tiniest effort possible was someone to be appreciated. Especially in the world they currently lived in. How could anyone hope to find someone who hadn’t become so cynical that their sense of humor remained, at least somewhat, intact? That their ability to live a life with happiness hadn’t been completely desecrated? 

That’s what laughter was to Loki, happiness, though he didn’t dare allow a chuckle to escape him now, not with so many enemies on his and Rick’s tail. Any sound would draw attention to their location, which meant that Loki would have less time to get over the fence than Rick. Once they heard Rick’s escape, they were sure to come running.


Without even answering Rick, Loki helped to hoist him up so he could swing himself over the fence. The barbed wire made it difficult, yes, but their freedom was far more important that the pain caused by the wire, so neither of them complained or even made mention of it.

Loki had already followed after him once Rick called to him. One leg swung over the fence and getting ready to climb down the other side. “No, I think I’ve—”

The sound of shots fired silenced Loki’s words. Two bullets whizzed past his head, dangerously close yet missing their target, leaving him stunned. Perhaps they were warning shots, perhaps the town folk were just horrible with their aim, he didn’t know. A third, however, skimmed his cheekbone and nicked his ear, leaving a deep, open gash across the right side of his face. The shock and sudden surge of pain was enough to cause him to lose his balance, falling from the top of the wall. Outside of Terminus, thankfully.

"Fuck!" Loki hissed as he landed on his shoulder. At least he hadn’t hit his head, though the right side of his face had already begun to swell from the pain, making it hard to see. "We need to get moving, meet up with the others…" 

"They got out! But their both wounded so they shouldn’t be hard to track down!" Someone from the other side of the wall shouted. "Get moving and bring them back! Don’t shoot unless necessary. We need to salvage as much as possible!"

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To be honest, I was going to get back on and attempt to do some work here. Aside from two asks that I need to answer, and one draft, I don’t have anything to actually do, so I guess I’m going to log off for the night.

I’m honestly just too depressed to be on the computer right now. 

I think I’m going to start looking for new roleplay partners. I need more interaction. I need more inspiration. I just… I want to be more active than I have been lately.

If you know of any good roleplay blogs in the Marvel fandom, or any other fandom, please let me know, okay? 

Okay, goodnight everyone. Thanks for being patient with me even when I’m not posting much.


Excuse me, can I just discuss this for a moment? Maybe? You know what, fuck it, going to discuss it anyway.

Notice how at the bottom there, it says ‘I just want to see who’s serious about RP’?

Yeah, I have an issue with that. Here’s the thing, I am totes okay if you want to have an RP blog that has no shipping involved. It’s cool, I get it, no judgement here.

I am also totes okay if that is all your RP blog is. Once again, on my end, there is zero judgement.

What I hate about this post is that it implies that people who ship in their RP’s are not serious, and I’m sorry, but that is a huge fucking misconception.

Some of my best threads are ship threads, and they are serious as all hell. I really don’t think it’s fair to assume that just because someone RP’s a ship thread, they aren’t serious about what they’re doing.

That’s absurd, uncalled for, and insulting.

I think that if you have no ship threads, that’s fine. I respect it. If you have some ship threads, still awesome, still respecting. If all you RP is ship threads, you rock, I’m respecting you.

Ship threads can be serious too, and we shouldn’t judge other role players based on what kinds of threads they are into.

Reblog if you agree.

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The Rain Will Fall


Tom sighed, “I’m sorry, we should have stayed at the restaurant.” He said softly looking up at the ceiling. “I take it mum and dad were here?” He asked looking over at Loki.

"Tom, don’t," Loki cut him off before he could say anything else. "It’s not your fault. You couldn’t have known. No one knew," Loki added, reaching out to put a hand over Tom’s in a comforting manner. "Your parents were here, yeah, sister too. I thought it best to call them, so they came to see you, talked to your doctors. I promised I would stay with you until you woke up."

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1. Name of your muse:

Loki. He goes by Loki and Loki only. Often times he will be referred to as Loki Son of None, though his legal name is, by all technicality, Loki Odinson. His birth name is Loki Laufeyson.

2. One picture you like best of your muse’s fc:

3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:
I can’t say I’m overly secretive about my headcanons. Usually, if I have a headcanon, it’s pretty well known.
I suppose I could say:

  • I believe Loki is actually quite a solid personification of what it’s like to be human. Loki is capable of horrible, terrible, and down right cruel actions. He’s proven this. Every single human being is capable of this at any given time for any given reason. Loki lies on occasion (though he’s always accused of lying far more than he does. Just because someone is good at lying doesn’t mean they lie constantly), just as humans often do. But, like humanity, Loki is also capable of good. He’s capable of compassion and love in even the worst of circumstances. He walks a blurred line of what is considered “good” and what is considered “evil”. There’s a balance. He’s capable of anything and everything and nothing at all, just like humans. He’s a God with faults and what does it mean to be human? To live with faults. I don’t know if I’ve worded this in a way that people can understand, but I’ve always thought of Loki as a personification of humanity in a way. Not culture, or religious, or political views of humans, but of the concept of humanity itself.
  • Since creating my Loki blog, I’ve also slipped out of the idea of “heroes” and “villains”. This doesn’t just pertain to Loki, but I don’t really like the concept of heroes vs villains. Every villain is the hero of his own story. Every hero is the villain of someone else’s story. These roles, these titles are a matter of perspective and I don’t typically like applying these labels to people. Everyone has their good qualities and their bad qualities. There is no definite one or the other in my opinion. Feel free to disagree though, this is just an idea that’s lingered in my mind.

4. Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time:

  • Pranking unsuspecting victims.
  • Studying magic and other cultures/general knowledge. Loki likes to be a well rounded individuals.
  • Exploring worlds outside of Asgard.


  • Eris
  • Crowley
  • Set (well… he’s certainly getting there)
  • Dean Winchester

6. Three fond childhood memories:

  • Enchanting his first possession with his mother’s help. A small statuette that he enchanted to fly of its own free will and follow those it deemed worthy of following.
  • Cutting Sif’s hair. He still doesn’t regret it. At all.
  • An adventure into nearby forests, where there stood a lake that he loved to visit. He often snuck away there on his own, though one day, Fandral followed him. Nothing happened except for a rather enjoyable conversation.

7. One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change:

Loki would do absolutely anything necessary to protect and free his children. If he could do anything about it (and he has in his Post-Thor-2 verse, where he has released them from their exile) he would, even if that meant death or no longer existing.

Out of Character:

1. What’s your name? 

  • Amber

2. When is your birthday? 

  • September 15th

3. Where are you from? 

  • L.A.

4. Have a crush? 

  • Not really unless Tom Hiddleston counts?

5. What’s your favorite color? 

  • Bright green. 

6. Write something in caps? 


7. Got a favorite band/artist?

  • Imagine Dragons and Daft Punk are current loves of mine.

8. Favorite number?

  • 7

9. Favorite drink? 

  • Diet coke with lime or orange flavor

10. Tag Ten People: whoever wants to do the thing!

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I’m done with you sir.

Done with your abs. Done your tongue. 

Enough for today.

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"Your son... Carl?" Loki paused for a moment, looking the man in the eye. "How old is he? I admit, I'm shocked to see a child. I haven't seen a living child in ages. He must be something special."



Rick’s eyes found Loki and he could see the shock written there on the man’s features. Carl, just a kid, had survived longer than most people would in this darkness. Yet here they were. Here he was. “14.” He replied before a gaze was given to his boy. “Yeah, must be. Don’t rightly know how he does it but he’s the strongest person I know.”


Rick was watching what each one of them set down and he couldn’t help but smile a little. Those were some valuable possessions, whoever won this was going to come away full handed.


He watched Carl pull out a can of soda that he’d found on the way over and hesitantly set it down, smile on his lips. Rick bit down on his lip before he checked his pockets and pulled out a half pack of gum and the music player he’d used during his work before clapping his hands together competitively. “well let’s hope I don’t lose this one.”

"Wow, going all out for this one, aren’t you Rick? Must have a couple of aces up your sleeve," Loki commented, eyeing the possessions of everyone as they set them down. Food and beverages, luxury food and beverages at that. Things that were once easy to attain but were no longer easy to find. They were all used to living off of wild plants and animals now.


"Shall we get started then?"

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Stall the Rebellion-Steve~Loki


He was glad that his words seemed to have something of a positive effect on Loki. Although Steve still wasn’t sure if they could trust Loki or not he knew that right now he wasn’t a threat. Threats were hardly ever as shaken as Loki was about SHIELD. There were things that had to be done however in headquarters.

Giving Loki a nod he stepped back from him so that he could have a moment to himself. A moment of his own space. He wondered if Loki would actually rest, clear his head, make things feel a little bit closer to the center rather than the edges that were surrounding him at all sides.

Steve returned to the co-pilot seat and leaned back in it, slipping on the headphones to get a clear sound of the radio. Tony was saying something about Loki and Steve just threw him a glance. He didn’t necessarily blame Tony but there were some lines to be drawn.


The flight to SHIELD wasn’t long at all despite the distance and before long they could see the helipad down below so that Tony might shift the jet into an immobile state.

Steve let out an easy breath and tried to calm his insides. There wasn’t even any real reason why his own nerves were all over the place. He just hoped that Loki was ready because they were about ready to enter the building.

Loki said nothing further to the pair. From his understanding, Captain American and Iron Man weren’t actually S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, they were merely allies that sometimes assisted the organization. Why anyone would want to align themselves with such filth, Loki would never be certain. Unless, of course, their reasons consisted of something along the lines of serious threats, torture perhaps, but neither Steve, nor Tony seemed like they had been subjected to such inhumane tactics. 

Whether or not S.H.I.E.L.D. was actually above such tactics, however, remained a mystery.

Even still, Loki moved into the further parts of the jet, sitting himself down so his body could relax. His mind raced several miles a minute in attempts of making sense of everything that had just transpired, but he came up empty handed as to why S.H.I.E.L.D. had taken such an interest in him, or why HYDRA had, for that matter. Neither seemed to be the mutant friendly type and the only thing that could be worse than what currently transpired as if someone had discovered Loki’s true origins. If they knew he was of Asgard… That blew his entire cover.

Still, he said nothing. He went as far as to close his eyes and attempt to rest. Sleep did not greet him, nor did he expect such things, but at least his muscles relaxed. After escaping and evading HYDRA agents, he needed some sort of rest. Lack of physical activity would have to do.


Once the jet landed, however, Loki’s form sat up straight and rigid, as if he had been programmed to react in such a violent way. Breathing deeply, he stood from where he had been resting and went to join Steve and Tony without a word. Tony gave him an odd look, as if he knew exactly what would happen to him. A momentary look of what Loki thought to be worry passed over the engineer’s face. Perhaps a warning sign to the disguised mutant?

Regardless, he met Steve’s eyes for a moment. “Remember what we’ve agreed upon,” he said, referring to the terms he’d initiated between himself and Steven in agreement for coming with him. 

Now that they had reach S.H.I.E.L.D.’s headquarters, he was second guessing his decision to come along. It might have been better to stay on his own and evade the HYDRA agents without the help of anyone else.

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"Give it back."



Fight/Argument Sentence Starters Here

" Whatever you’re looking for or assuming I have it is not in my possession."


"Uroboros won’t do anything to you, Loki." She sighed and waved her hands. "It doesn’t matter, I’ll just end up buy everyone in this mansion another one. I Do whatever you to wish. I’m going to my lab"


"I am not getting non-coned by tentacles for the sake of a laptop. That is a legitimate possibility and you know it." Rolling his eyes, he plucked his laptop up from Eris’ desk. "Fine, have a nice day in the lab. I’ll see you at dinner." Their arguments were usually short lived, for this very reason. One of them merely dismissed themselves from the argument. "Please lose the idea that you married someone who has no capability of being responsible while you’re down there," he added before he left.


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"Pretty please? (with sugar on top?)"




Our muses are now two pirate captains racing to find a legendary treasure trove.


"Please tell me you know where this thing is."

Loki was right. At this time of day the mall would be flooded with people. Some who might definitely recognize either him or Loki from the TV. But what was more important? Shying away from that or their treasure. “I don’t think it really matters. Although…” He hesitated a moment before sighing a little, unsure if this was the right move. “…disguises might work.”


"Perhaps, before we go straight to the fountain, we can stop into one of those horrible designer stores that Stark loves to shop at and make ourselves blend in with the… what would Midgardians call those who normally go to the mall?" Loki shrugged. "No matter. It shouldn’t be too hard to disguise ourselves. And once we’ve found this treasure, we really should get lunch."

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"Give it back."



Fight/Argument Sentence Starters Here

" Whatever you’re looking for or assuming I have it is not in my possession."


"And what is to say that you won’t allow, Albert to throw out this one?  You didn’t stop him from doing so with the other?"


"You think I am going to freely wander into his Uroboros arms just to save a computer? If I wander in there, there had better be a good reason for it, otherwise I may be subject to the most inappropriate of molestations and I’m not willing to risk it for a computer.”

"Do not treat me as some sort of irresponsible child. If you want to treat someone in such a manner, Wesker’s down the hall."

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The Walking Dead || Steve&Loki


Loki agreed and that gave him a joined reason to believe further in the hope that made this impossible situation worth pushing on in. This moment was shrouded by uncertainties and the pulled and worn thread attempting to cover his eyes. But he wasn’t so foolish to believe that Steve could simply walk into this horde and survive.

He was gesturing for him to be quiet as Steve inched after him. His shoes weren’t so heavy on the ground and his eyes were kept ahead of himself. Those things were everywhere, furious and fatal.

Steve did have a few guns in the car that he had parked in the nearby garage but he wasn’t even sure if the car was still usable. These dead things could be surrounding it and they would have nowhere to go.

The hall was quiet as they walked through it, lingering light whispering onto him as he walked. The whole day felt suffocating and uncertain  Surviving this was going to be worse than surviving the battle in New York when things had gotten to be severely dismal.


Stopping at the double doors that would lead to the parking garage his eyes found Loki’s with questioning there inside of them. He couldn’t make a noise but he knew that Loki understood just what his eyes were attempting to say.

Did they go in and run the risk of a horde for the sake of a car? Or did they take the other exit that would lead straight out onto the street.?

There were two choices here, two exits.

Neither happened to be a guarantee that they would reach safety. Their odds, currently, seemed to be a fifty-fifty split between which direction they should take. On one hand, they might be able to reach a vehicle. That would, at the very least, give them something between themselves and those monsters roaming the streets. On the other hand, they might be better off on foot, especially if a hoard had already gathered around the vehicle.

The chance of finding another vehicle along the way remained decently high. They lived in an overly crowded city, after all, though there were risks that went along with that as well. Would the car be able to be hot wired? Would it have enough gas? Would they have to break windows to get into it, making it rather useless as protection against the Dead?

In their current situation, nothing was a sure fire thing. Everything was relative, everything was subject to change, and everything was about chances mixed with, perhaps, Steven and Loki’s individual ability to survive.

Almost letting out a sigh, Loki forced himself to hold it in, attempting to keep himself as quite as possible. Emerald orbs rotated between their two option, neither seeming to be more appealing that the next.

Finally, he chances the possibility of being heard to ask Steve’s opinion. “If you have any bright ideas, now would be the time to mention them,” he whispered. “Any thoughts on which way we should go? Once we make a decision, there’s no turning back. We have to stick with it, so do you think one is worth the risk over the other?”

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Am I… supposed to have some sort of special reaction to when infants sneeze?