Outofmagic: I’m sorry I wasn’t on at all today. I had every intention to, but after doing 6 hours of straight online school work, I couldn’t look at the computer anymore. I’ll make it a point to get my drafts done tomorrow. I was seriously distracted by video games for most of the night. So again, I’m sorry. I’ll be better tomorrow!

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The Rain Will Fall


Tom nodded walking out, opening the umbrella for them both once they were out in the rain. It took some time for them to hail a cab, Tom allowing Loki to step in before closing the umbrella. He gave the address to the driver. “So hot coffee or coco when we get home?” He asked smiling. 

Following after his human doppelgänder, Loki climbed into the taxi behind him. Despite the umbrella, they had both managed to get a decent amount of rain water upon their coats. A little water never hurt anyone, unless you happened to be the Wicked Witch of the West, that was. That thought only occurred to him because, in his free time, Loki often watched Tom’s endless collection of films. Wizard of Oz had been his project a few nights ago. Regardless, he wiped the rain from his face and smiled over towards his friend. “Cocoa, I believe, would be best for a night like tonight.”

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That kills me every time.

Odin signed his death certificate in that moment. 

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"No, no! He’s just not…that happy per say…"


"Not that happy?" he questioned aloud, arching a brow in speculation. "Meaning he’s a rather depressed individual, or?"


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Her head snapped back at Loki’s yanking.  Her scalp was set ablaze with the sharp stinging pain. Though pain radiated from her scalp to her spine she refused to make a sound.  Eris merely exhaled silently then chuckled. “I’m afraid that you didn’t, dear” Her voice was sing-song as a smile ripped on her face. “I believe you were saying that my whims would be fully satisfied and answered to the best of your abilities.” 


"Mmm, clearly you’ve forgotten your place," Loki replied, something of a serious frown tugging his lips in a southern direction. His grip in Eris’ hair loosened only for the purpose of turning her around forcefully and shoving her in the direction of their bed. "Your whims, dearest, mean nothing tonight. I do hope you’ll catch on soon. If you don’t…" Loki sighed aloud, as if he would not enjoy what would come from her disobedience. That was, of course, an act, but they were both enjoying it.


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Sorry everyone, still in an odd mood and I have class early in the morning. Plus, I really need to actually do my schoolwork tomorrow. I’m refusing the check Tumblr until it’s done. So I won’t be around till tomorrow evening. I have a few things left in my queue and a few drafts, I’ll get to them tomorrow night.

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Ah, word play.~

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☠ You're too amazing for everyone to comprehend. I'm actually pretty certain it's illegal to be so amazing?

ASKED BY Anonymous.

If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send along ☠ with the reasons why.

Oh, ‘Nonnie, honestly I’m not really amazing. I’m just someone who has a passion for writing and a love for Loki, that’s all. :3

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☠ Amber is scaaaaaary! New partners, beware! She'll give her FEELS and it'll be awful. Absolutely under no circumstances should you ever RP with Amber. EVER. XP

ASKED BY lostmxrbles.

If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send along ☠ with the reasons why.


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☠ Because you're freaking Loki

ASKED BY Anonymous.

If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send along ☠ with the reasons why.

Well ‘Nonnie, I’m not Loki, just my muse, and I’m willing to bet that I’m much less intimidating than he is. As a matter of fact, I’m not entirely intimidating at all, just an average joe, really.

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☠ I want to rp with you but always think you won't reply and will just ignore me...

ASKED BY Anonymous.

If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send along ☠ with the reasons why.

Truly I don’t ignore anyone who requests to roleplay with me, ‘Nonnie. I can’t always promise that I’ll be willing to roleplay for any multitude of reasons. The number one reason I end up turning people down is for how busy I am, but I also have a couple of rules to interacting:

  • I won’t interact with someone who doesn’t have an about page.
  • If the person asking to RP expected me to come up with a plot all by myself and then write the starter. I feel that’s very unfair. If I’m not the one asking to RP, I should not have to do all of the work myself, yet it’s happened before.
  • Rude behavior of the mun.
  • I’ll never agree to a ship right off the bat, so if someone comes searching for a ship with Loki, I’ll turn them down. 
  • And, again, the most common reason I turn people down is simply not being able to accommodate more roleplays due to schedules. I run a business and I attend college as well. I can get pretty busy. 

I don’t think my criteria is any different from anyone else’s. If I, for whatever reason, do not wish to RP with someone who approaches me, I’m at least willing to turn them down politely and explain why I can’t RP with them.

No need to be scared!

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I wish he would just miss catching that cup and it hits him on his pretty little head…maybe in the gagreel…


Yeahhh… I think Hiddleston’s hand-eye game is pretty good.



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If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send along ☠ with the reasons why.

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"It’s not that simple. It’s not that simple. I can’t just leave.You don’t know how it feels- what they’ve done to get under my skin." The words were cracked around his tongue almost broken sounding. Histant, he was clearly uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, and trembling, that much was evident, he was shaking more than he should have been, he may have been their soldier but he was shaking. 

"They…. I don’t even remember who I am."

To a point, Loki understood. There were times where he believed he was so helpless that he had no choice but to simply follow the instructions of his tormentors. In the end, however, he had risen above them and, at the very least, gained the control over his life enough to allow him to leave that which tormented him. This had occurred several times throughout his years, he had gained an understanding that no one would help you if you didn’t help yourself.

The pitiful man before him seemed to have no ability to aid his own situation. Fear and abuse had wiped him to the point that he didn’t even seem to believe himself deserving of freedom and Loki found his mouth running dry. What was that he was feeling? Sympathy? Something he hadn’t felt for quite some time. 

                   For anyone.

"If someone outside of these people offered to help you… Would you take the offer?"

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Sparing together. A very late entry to the Fighting Together Frostiron Month prompt. 

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