My favorites consist of mostly sweet things. Jotuns, oddly enough, love sweets.

  1. Ice cream. Specifically mint chocolate and coffee.
  2. Cookies, usually those of the chocolate chip variety.
  3. Lobster tails, although I prefer them without the melted butter that is usually served with lobster.
  4. Shrimp. Shrimp can be prepared in so many ways, it is truly difficult to go wrong with such a food…
  5. Coffee is not considered a food is it?

As to be expected, Jotuns are not overly fond of spicy foods, so most of my least favorites are things of that nature, and sour things as well. I am also not overly fond of an excess amount of red meats. Those should come in small amounts.

  1. Chili and/or anything with spicy peppers mixed into it.
  2. Pizza… Four food groups should not enter my mouth at once.
  3. Pineapple although it depends on the pineapple. I find most to be very sour but there is the occasional sweet pineapple that I am rather fond of.
  4. Tea? No, tea is a beverage, but I really do not care for tea. It should be mentioned.
  5. Omelets. Oddly enough, I used to like them, but then I ingested an omelet prepared by Tony…
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